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Welcome to Eightdots.com!

I am Ken Wei. I'm an active online trader and savvy investor involving in money market, stocks market, derivative market, Forex and real estate. I've been involved in the financial industry since year 2006. I graduated from Coventry University, UK with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Network Computing but never ever worked as a Network Engineer. In fact I started my first job as a marketing personnel for Apple Products namely the iPod and Mac Products (We haven't got iPhone back then, not until end of 2006).

In order to learn more about marketing, I've read many books back then. I never really interested in reading until after graduate (how ironic?). It was this reading habits that brought me into the world of investing. Reading books about people like Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Toni Turner, William O'Neil, James Altucher lead me to a whole new world trading in the financial market.

I then continued my studies in Master of Business Administration and subsequently work in the financial industry. Currently serving clients with their investment in an Investment Management company.

Since 2003, I've been writing regularly on this blog about myself, money and investing but the blog was a mess until I finally decided to write about more informative topic only focusing on what I know best - the Investing and Trading in the Financial Market. 
Feel free to contact me regarding any investment topics.
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