Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Investment Advertisement - Trust Them Or Not

This post is mainly to show you investors or traders out there on how companies tricked you into believing that investment is that easy.

Let's look at this photo above, it is an advertisement embedded into either an email or a website. It shows you that their proprietary system is having a signal that ask their member to buy at a very low price and sell at a very high price. 

There is always a similarities in these advertisement. Some of them are: 

-They show you return that is impossible to ignore

-They always shows historical price (remember, anyone can show historical price, you just search for a stock and tell people that you bought at the low of the chart and sell at the high of the chart before it crashes)

-They do not disclose what they do and what economical facts supporting what they say

- They tell you things you can already know if you search the web yourself

What they normally would not tell you are that these return might not be real and they have no position in them, they will also not tell you that out of maybe 50 signals they gave you there are 49 who bring huge losses but they will only advertise the one that shows return. They will not tell you that you may need huge capital and can have the ability to suffer huge losses.

Do not falls into such tricks. If there is such big return, these companies wouldn't even be setup in the first place, they will use it proprietary and make money using their system. 

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