Friday, January 10, 2014

Do Not Compare Yourself With Peers

Many people at any age will have a tendency to compare. This is true especially in the South-east Asia countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Probably this is one of the values (a negative one) passed down from us through our parents, through the education systems.

Since young we like to compare our academic result, we do not just got ranking within our own class but also ranking comparing the whole schools. We got average mark, best subject mark, best activities, etc

When we grow up we like to compare our salary, compare our success and because success if define differently with each individual you're actually comparing something that the other guy do not think is a great deal.

You think having more money is success and you as a working class adult having an average salary thinks that your formal classmates earns a lot because although he only graduate from high school and did not continue his studies, he helped his father doing some construction work and is now earning quite an amount and driving far better cars than you do. On the other hand, your formal classmate will think that he is stressing himself and he is envy about you having a stable work with stable income and stress free. You can go holiday with your loves one in which he had not been doing that for years since he started to work in the construction industry and he is also envy you can speaks better English than he does and during gathering he is afraid because he is not a university graduate.

You see, success has different meaning to different people and people must learn this from young or else they will always be chasing on something that they do not know at the end it will not be what they want and should be chasing.

Of course I am not saying that you must be happy with your life and you must settle down in your comfort zone and thinking that the money you earn is already the fair value for yourself. You must still challenge but challenging is different from comparing. You need to challenge yourself but not comparing with your peers.

You'll be happier person not to compare with your peers and when you start having your own little success by challenging yourself, many people actually think that you're successful.

Don't think earning money is just to compare with your peers. Earning money is to gives you a choice. A choice to do things you like and make your love one happy.

Do Not Compare Yourself With Peers but Instead Challenge Yourself.
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