Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hard Truth About Black Box Trading

I went to a training seminar on "Share Trading" yesterday. I'm not going to tell about who the speaker is. But the whole idea of Share Trading Seminar is suppose to show the audiences some insight of the finding on the economics, if not some basic knowledge they could acquire to make sure that they're able to understand the industry better.

However, the one that I went - the so call "training" was actually their "preview" of their program. First of all, I am fully supportive of training or any coaching session on stocks trading. But I do not see how his training will benefits the people.

First. He introduced himself as a professional traders which I doubt that. Then he shows all the money that earns by their "student". But surprisingly they only show you the positive ones and did not tell you the risk behind all these trading strategies.

They then tell you how they can help you identify a winning stocks without you spending time on it. This is just selling information after all and I think we're able to find better research information out there. They will then tell you about how to trade only these stocks and make tons of money. Not forgetting their 96% winning history.

Their course is more than RM2000 which they will help you set up your trading platform, teach you some basic trading and you will just follow their "tips". Too good to be true? Yes. There are many session out there are selling all these holy grail to the people. They lead you to believe that trading is so easy and totally no risk and you can earn tons of money from them. I don't think this is education and I think those who has went to their class should really start getting some real education.

If initially they market their product as a trading research and they will assume risk for everyone else. That's totally a different story. Creating dreams and showing how much people have profited without telling them the risk is consider a con job. Worst thing, they even claim that their strategy is a new strategy with less than 6 months old and can make average 2-5% per week and even goes up to 10% per week since the strategy is too  new and pioneer that no one else is using. (holy crab!)

For those who have not signed up. Get yourself a good coach and get a real education. For those who have signed up. I wish you luck
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