Friday, October 07, 2011

An Overview of Bull ELI

What is Bull ELI? Basically it is a option strategy but in Malaysia we called it ELI which is Equity Linked Investment.

It is a structure product for active investors to either who wish to purchase certain stocks or seeking to earn short term yield for bullish companies.

For example if a person would like to buy RM1million Genting stocks price at certain price point RMXX. He will first purchase into a 30 days Bull ELI and this allow him to pay an amount that is a prefix percentage (taken an example of 94%) it will allow him to pay only RM940,000 rather than the full RM1,000,000. Within that 1 month if the price of genting stocks is higher than the strike price then the investor will get back his RM1million and in this case he will profit a RM60,000.

In the case where the stocks fell below the strike price then the investor will get back the amount of stocks with RM1million worth at the strike price.

This is rather a good strategy for active investors who wish to accumulate stocks. Because you can potentially get the stocks at a price cheaper than the one you initially planning to went in at the same time if the stocks did not came down you can also get a short term profits from it.
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